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  • Frontend Web Development

    Feathers Quill Program

Whether you want to work as a self-employed freelancer or would want to start your career in an established organization, front-end web developers are in high demand. The pay is also great. A 3 year experience can earn you from $80,000-$119,500 a year. This is also one of the most flexible careers you can choose.

If you love technology, enjoy creating and you are looking for an exciting career, front-end web development might just be the thing for you. Start now!

Start Date

May 1, 2019


14 weeks


₦10,000 ($28)

What's being offered

You'll get the chance to learn your way up towards this career destination with the help of interactive visual course contents, engaged mentors and a collaborative design community.

Flexible Scheduling

Community Support

Exciting projects


Before we can get you started on this path, we assume you've completed the foundational Feathers Design Intro course. No worries if you haven't, we will get you right on it once you complete your enrollment. Having a personal portable computer is required for this program. What's digital without computers themselves?

Course curriculum

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The great things you do tomorrow starts with the small steps you take today.Take this great step today!

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